^ Of course, our morning started with a typical German breakfast. Every morning I ate two buns with delicious spreads

Bag: Sheinside.com | Shoes: Primark | Shorts: Hollister | Scarv: H&M

^After breakfast we went to the Victory Column. The weather was perfect for sightseeing. The sun was shining and it was not too cold or too warm.

^On the way to the Brandenburg Gate, we landed in a park. The park was so beautiful and perfect for taking pictures.

^Finally, we arrived the Brandenburg Gate. :-)

^First Stop: Dunkin’ Donuts! I’m quite a fan of the banana smoothie :-D

^After shopping and the short sightseeing, we went to a cute restaurant. My boyfriend ate chips, currywurst and salad. I wasn’t hungry because on the evening we went to Vapiano because his parents gave us 2 vouchers for the restaurant. We ate Pizza :-)

Etwas suchen?